The Northern Lights over Trondheim. Photo: Sven-Erik Knoff – Visitnorway.com
The Northern Lights over Trondheim. Photo: Sven-Erik Knoff – Visitnorway.com


The clothes-label founders’ Trondheim

Petter and Marius Ianssen have launched a collection of six multi-functional garments for men that goes by the name Lynx Urban Outdoor. The clothes are designed to work just as well in their hometown of Trondheim as in Rome and New York. Here are their tips on what to do in Trondheim. Remember to put on your windproof blazer before setting out on a trip.

Trondheim is the most beautiful city in Norway, the two clothing-label founders brag. They’re obviously well qualified to judge, given all the time they spent being brought up in the city. 

Galleri SG in Trondheim exhibits works by both local and national artists.

Galleri SG

The gallery has an excellent selection of contemporary art created by Norwegian artists. It’s exciting to keep up with what’s happening at Galleri SG, the Ianssen brothers tell Scandinavian Traveler.

Kjøpmannsgata 37, Trondheim


Bymarka in Trondheim is more beautiful than the one in  Oslo, the pair claim. “It’s a great place to go walking in summer or in winter.”
They highlight Skistua, Baklidammen, and Elgsethytta as great places to visit.

skistua.no, elgsethytta.com

Sabrura Sticks & Sushi has four branches in Trondheim.

Sabrura Sticks & Sushi

According to the clothes-label founders, this sushi restaurant is as good as Alex sushi in Oslo.

“We love to eat at Sabrura Sticks & Sushi.”

Sabrura Sticks & Sushi has four restaurants in Trondheim and the chain has a strong focus on using local produce.


Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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