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Gothenburg cleans up

Gothenburg has held the top spot in the Global Destination Sustainability Index for three years in a row. The city has become a model not only for sustainable thinking in urban development, but also for progressive approaches to city life in general.

There are 1,000 Styr & Ställ city bikes to rent, at 60 different locations in the city.

The city boasts 3,358 hectares of green space per 100,000 inhabitants.

In 2013, Gothenburg was the first city in the world to issue a “green bond” for -investments that benefit the environment.

65% of public transport in Gothenburg runs on renewable energy.

The regional climate target is to be fossil fuel-independent by 2030.

The city has action plans for three key areas: reducing its climate impact, creating a non-toxic environment for residents and reducing noise in the city. 

Sweden’s first municipal LGBT advisory board was established in Gothenburg in 2013.

All meat served by the municipality must be organically farmed by law.

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