Wind, waves and wow factor at Unstad in Lofoten, North Norway. Photo: Alex Conu, Visit Norway
Wind, waves and wow factor at Unstad in Lofoten, North Norway. Photo: Alex Conu, Visit Norway


Surfing in Norway

Do you dream of the sea, the wind in your hair and a board beneath your feet? You're not the only one. And you don't need to leave Europe to learn the art. In Norway, there's wind and waves enough for everyone.


The Aloha spirit is not the sole preserve of Hawaii, you'll find it here in North Norway, too. According to Unstad Arctic Surf in Lofoten people have been surfing here since 1963. Apparently, Thor Frantzen and Hans Egil Krane, who worked at sea, had seen surfing in Sydney. Once back home again, they built their own boards and set out to sea. In the 1990s, several surfers discovered the big waves here and in 2003, Frantzen established a camping site at Unstad. Here, you can rent a cabin and learn to surf the waves – if you’ve not yet done so. You can book sessions with instructors or buy a package deal including lessons, accommodation and food. A two-day stay with accommodation, food and lessons costs NKr3,990. Did we mention the huge wow factor? Unstad Arctic Surf has a fantastic beach overlooked by rugged mountains that seem to stretch all the way to heaven.

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The white sandy beaches in Hoddevik south of Ålesund. Photo: CH - Visit Norway


It's a well-kept secret that the Atlantic waves make for magnificent surfing at Stadlandet south of Ålesund. The beautiful white beach at Hoddevik is a perfect place for beginners in summer. In winter, the waves are much rougher. The area is framed by mountains. Ervikstranda is just 30km away. You can book a package deal with lessons and accommodation from around €423.

 Nordfjord.no www.lapointcamps.com
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Sandve, a 40-minute drive from Haugesund, offers fantastic, trying conditions for surfing and kiting. It's an ideal location and very popular with surfers. You can choose between Sandvesanden, Åkrasanden, Sandhåland and Mjølhus.

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You can also have a go at kiting. Here from Sola at Stavanger. Photo: CH, Visit Norway


The long sandy beaches at Jæren could have been made for surfing. If you're a beginner, you should check out Solastranden, Hellestø, Sele, Bore and Brusand/Ogna, that have long been popular with surfers. The sea here is calm in the summer months. If you're more experienced, you'll find rougher and tougher waves in fall or winter instead. Many hotels offer package deals, such as the Sola Strand Hotel. They offer three hours instruction for beginners plus accommodation and breakfast from NKr1,280 per person.

regionstavanger-ryfylke.com  Sola-strandhotel.no
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Source: Visit Norway

Text: Inga Ragnhild Holst

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