A pawdicure.
A pawdicure.


Canine accessories

Want a happy hound? Gift them with one of these.

A pawdicure

Warren London was created with dogs in mind to be the top luxury natural grooming line and dog spa to dog owners. Their product line includes dog shampoos, paw soak, dog cologne, and of course these pawdicure polish pens. They apply a quick drying, nontoxic coat of polish that is easy to remove. Lucky dog!


From left: PetNet SmartFeeder, GoDogGo Fetch Machine, stroller designed for dogs.

PetNet SmartFeeder

An automatic food dispenser that you can control from your smartphone, perfect if you are away during the day and want to adjust the feeding schedule. Tracking calorie intake is a cinch. Perfect for vacations or late days at the office.


They see me strolling ...

Many shops offer strollers that are designed for dogs. It’s a great way to take your pal with you on a long walk through the park, around the block, for a job, or maybe even for a quick trip to the mall. You can get basic models or more advanced ones, and they usually have storage room, a tray, shock absorbers, brakes, and other features.


GoDogGo Fetch Machine

The best play partner when you’re not available. An automatic fetch machine and remote-controlled ball launcher designed specifically for dogs. Three distance settings and two time settings. Launches up to 15 meters.


Left: PetCube. Right: Whistle.


Afraid you will miss him too much? Here you can watch, talk to, and remotely play with your dog through the system's integrated laser pointer. Everything is available through your smartphone.



Humans have their wearables like the Fitbit. Whistle is for your pet and attaches to the dog’s collar, tracking activity and rest. It is wireless and ­waterproof and gives insight into how your dog spends his day. And yes, there is an app as well.


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